February 9, 2019 @ Tyrol Basin

The first of its kind in Wisconsin, Up To Snow Good dual slalom is the most intense, heart pounding and spectator friendly bike event you can imagine. There will be costumes, music, rowdy crowds and epic wipe-outs because this race is on snow! Registration now open!


What is Dual Slalom?

The format is simple: two riders battle it out next to each other on two nearly identical singletrack courses…MADE ENTIRELY OF SNOW!

In less than sixty seconds, riders race against each other over berms, rollers, and table top jumps. Fastest to the bottom wins.

The course is completely rollable, but sendable…if you dare, and suitable for riders of all ages.

This race is NOT limited to fat bikes. 

If you can ride it, you can race it!*


  1. ITS ALL DOWNHILL. There is no climbing in dual slalom. You race downhill and hike or ride back to the start at your own pace. If you can ride easy singletrack you can ride this race. 
  2. RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG RULES. If you can ride it, you can race it.* This race is NOT limited to Fat Bikes. *no ski bikes or charged e-bikes (sorry Bob)
  3. Klunker Crown! Reach deep into your quiver because the person who completes a run on the most outrageous or entertaining bike wins an AWESOME prize. This is going to be competitive so bring your A game. 
  4. Costume Contest! You don’t have to be a hard core racer to go home with some hardware. Best costume also wins an AWESOME prize. 
  5. Ride bikes. Drink beer. Be Awesome. Tyrol Basin’s beer fest starts immediately following the race. Sample some amazing brewskis, watch the finals, and cap off a rad day of fun.
  6. You miss your bike and your bike friends.  Let’s be honest here. You do. 
  7. Bragging rights. A snow bike dual slalom has never been done before in the Midwest. Don’t you want to say you were here first?
  8. Just think of the stories you can tell your coworkers on Monday. You know there’s going to be some great crashes. 
  9.  Fantastic prizes for all divisions. 
  10. It’s going to be EPIC and FUN!

How it Works

Photo courtesy of Joe Berger

Riders race head-to-head on nearly identical tracks. After completing their first run, riders return to the start where they switch tracks and race the same opponent on the opposite track. 

Each riders combined time for both tracks are added together and the slowest rider is eliminated. 

Heat winners advance through the bracket until the final two riders duke it out in the championship heat.

See official rules below for more information. 


No snow? No worries. Unlike every other snow bike race, the 1st Annual Up to Snow Good Dual Slalom is being held on the ski slopes at Tyrol Basin Ski Area in beautiful Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. This race will NOT be cancelled due to lack of snow!

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Saturday February 9, 2019

Photo courtesy of Joe Berger

9:00 a.m. – Registration & Number Pick-up

9:00 a.m. – Course opens for pre-ride

10:00 a.m. – Seeding Runs Begin

11:00 p.m. – Race Runs Begin

1:00 p.m. – Finals

2:00 p.m. – Awards

*Schedule subject to change.


Besides bragging rights for winning the first ever Up to Snow Good Dual Slalom, awesome prizes will be awarded for:

  • Women (1st-3rd)
  • Men (1st-3rd)
  • Junior girls (1st-3rd)
  • Junior boys (1st – 3rd)
  • Best Costume (1st – 3rd)
  • Klunker Crown for the Most Ridiculous Ride to complete the course (1st – 3rd)


Photo courtesy of Joe Berger


$15.00 until 7:00 p.m. February 8, 2019 

$20.00 day of registration

Ready to Send It?

Photo courtesy of Joe Berger

Online registration closes February 8, 2019 7:00 p.m.

Official Rules

  1. Have fun! Treat everyone with respect. Don’t be a jerk!
  2. All riders must wear a helmet. Pads are recommended.
  3. Each rider will have at least one run for qualification/seeding
  4. The fastest qualifier will be seeded against the slowest. The next fastest is paired with the next slowest.
  5. Riders race head-to-head on each course. The rider with the fastest combined time in each heat will advance to the next heat.
  6. The riders bicycle must be stationary at the gate at the moment of the start. Failure to comply will be considered a false start. Two false starts in a row will result in disqualification.
  7. Alternating left and right, racers must ride in their own course. Crossing over or going outside of the designated course results in a DQ.
  8. Bikes: 
  • Bikes must have at least one wheel.
  • Bikes must have working brakes
  • No ski bikes
  • All bikes must be completely human powered. No e-bikes allowed…unless the battery is dead.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG RULES! The only requirements are that bikes at least one wheel, a drive-train, working brakes and is completely human powered. Fat bikes, MTB’s, cyclocross, BMX, commuter, road, tandem or your daughter’s tricycle…if you can ride it, you can race it.

The more ridiculous the better! To encourage questionable quiver decisions, we will be awarding the coveted Klunker Crown to the most outrageous ride to successfully complete the course. Bring your A-game because this is going to get competitive. 

(Sorry, no e-bikes or ski bikes are allowed)

A costume, of course! Fabulous prize for best costume! If you’re not awesome enough to wear a costume, wear what you want but dress warm!

Helmets are required, pads are encouraged.

You! Race is open to all ages and ability levels. The following categories are offered:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Junior girls (18 and under)
  • Junior boys (18 and under)

*Additional categories may be offered based on registration.

You betcha! Besides bragging rights for winning the first ever dual slalom, awesome prizes will be awarded for:

  • Women (1st-3rd)
  • Men (1st-3rd)
  • Junior girls (1st-3rd)
  • Junior boys (1st – 3rd)
  • Best Costume
  • Klunker Crown for the Most Ridiculous Ride

YES! Bring your cowbell or broken bike parts and be ready to get LOUD! Spectators are encouraged to line the course to cheer (or heckle) the riders. We see your cyclocross race and raise you dual slalom.

Don’t want to stand out on the snow? The course will be constructed on Tyrol’s Gentle Ben run putting it in direct view from the Tyrol Basin Bar as well as the observation deck.

BONUS: Watch the finals from the Tyrol Basin Beer Fest taking place on the observation deck.

Absolutely! Bring your gear or rent some from Tyrol. Once your race day is done we encourage you to strap on some gear and hit the slopes. Tyrol Basin offers unique terrain for all ability levels including tree runs and a rad park set up. Never tried it? Lessons and rentals are available for a reasonable price.

***Lift ticket and rental not included


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Contact Us

If you have questions or feedback please use the contact form or email below:

Patricia Kapinos, Race Director

Email: uptosnowgoodrace@gmail.com